A True, Magical Story

THIS, my friends, is a true story about the magic of a dog AND the magic we create together.

In the first Magical Dogs book, I told the story of this young man, James, and his family. James is a Type 1 Diabetic and his mother’s dream was to one day get him a diabetes alert dog. A diabetes alert dog would mean not having to test him all day and night.  A diabetes alert dog could literally save his life. I also shared in the book how diabetes alert dogs are trained, and exactly what they do for their humans.

At the book launch (and several book events after the launch), I decided to donate a portion of all books sales to James and his family to help them get a diabetes alert dog. People came out to support the book and this family.  It was magical and I felt so blessed but that feeling just went up to a whole new level because I just got this message from Shari, James’ mom:

“Trix just saved my boy. I was sleeping and she kept whining. I thought she had to go out so I told her to go to bed but she kept at it. I got up because she wouldn’t stop and she ran upstairs to James and kept whining. I took his pump…it was off….took his blood sugar and it was over 600 and not reading. Seriously this dog just saved him!!!

Read Me A Story

In the first Magical Dogs book, there was a story about a program where children read to registered therapy dogs. Since dogs are non-judgmental and fully present they allow the children to feel safe.  The result, many times, is a child who learns to love reading.

At a recent book signing, a woman told me a different kind of story about dogs, a human, and reading.

She handed me her copy of Magical Dogs 2 to sign and said she didn’t have a dog. She went on to explain that after reading my first Magical Dogs book, she began volunteering at a local animal shelter.

“The shelter had recently rescued a large number of dogs,” she explained.  “The dogs were frightened and not used to human interaction.  The shelter staff asked me to sit with the dogs, one-on-one, and quietly talk or read to them.  I had just bought your book so I began to read it to them.”

“Several times I cried as  I read to them.  I apologized to the staff because I was afraid I would upset the dogs.  They assured me it was fine and that it was important for the dogs to be exposed to a range of human emotions while in a safe, supportive, and loving environment. So I kept reading it to them.”

“It was because of your book that I started volunteering at the shelter.  Thank you for that. I don’t have a dog of my own but now I have all the dogs at the shelter.” She paused and looked me squarely in the eyes. “Thank you for writing this book. I’m excited to have a new book to read to the dogs.”  With that, she smiled, turned, and walked away, my new book tucked under her arm.

I smiled, grateful (once again) that the dogs chose me to tell their stories.  Grateful that those stories and words had impacted other lives.

You and I have no idea where our words might land or how they might impact another being’s life.  Choose your words wisely and send them off into the world in the hope that they might help, heal, and uplift another being.

Enjoy this day.  Make it Magical.




Spreading the Magic

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me spread the word about Magical Dogs 2: Connecting the Dots, Connecting the Dogs.

As you know, the book (for now) is only available through my website Magical Dogs so that I can donate a portion of every book sale to animal rescues and organizations.  So, in helping me spread the word, you are helping me spread the magic and help animals in need.

That’s it. Short and sweet.  Just a heartfelt thank you from the Magical Dogs and me.

Pre-Sales…and Why You Won’t Find my Book on Amazon

To those asking if they can pre-order Magical Dogs 2: Connecting the Dots, Connecting the Dogs on Amazon, my answer is:  You can absolutely pre-order a copy – but not on Amazon.  At least not for a while.

As a writer and author, I made several conscious and deliberate decisions.  The first was to devote my time/energy/finances to writing and sharing the stories of these magical dogs.  The other was to use my books to raise funds for animal rescues and organizations.   The only way I can do that is to sell the books directly Get in(either online or at an in-person event).  

Magical Dogs 2: Connecting the Dots, Connecting the Dogs will ship from my printer in the next few weeks.  I will officially launch the book on July 24 at my local library with a  Book Launch Party. I will also begin shipping copies on or around then to those who have pre-ordered.

You can still get in on the fun and excitement by pre-ordering a signed copy of Magical Dogs 2: Connecting the Dots, Connecting the Dogs, on my website:  Magical Dogs

To everyone who has pre-ordered a copy or scheduled an event, thank you!  I’m excited about this book…really, really, REALLY excited.  I think the dogs really went above and beyond in gathering the dogs, people, rescues, topics and stories for me to write about this time. I hope, pray, and think you’ll agree.

I will be hitting the road after the book launch to do signings and events.  Stay tuned for events in your area by checking my Facebook page: Magical Dogs on Facebook.

As always, the dogs and I thank you for your continued support.

Wishing you and yours a magical day!

James, Trixie, and a Magical Dogs Full-Circle Moment

A very magical, full circle moment recently happened which involves the Magical Dogs family, a boy named James, and a dog named Trixie.

You met James, and his mother, Shari, in Magical Dogs: Love and Lessons from our Canine Companions. James has Type 1 diabetes (T1D) which is very different from the more common Type 2 diabetes.  Type 2 is typically managed with diet or insulin injections. T1D, on the other hand, is an autoimmune disease that typically strikes in childhood, adolescence, or young adulthood and lasts a lifetime.  To survive, people with T1D must take multiple insulin injections daily or continually infuse insulin through a pump. 

As Shari explained in Magical Dogs, “James has been having a lot of highs and lows with his blood sugar.  One week it is all lows, the next week it is all highs, which can cause damage to his internal organs.”

The lows,” Shari continued, “are another kind of worry.  Many people die in their sleep from a low reading so nighttime is the scariest.”  To deal with the reality (and fear) of T1D meant multiple checks throughout the day — and night.

Like any parent, Shari’s hope and dream was to keep her son safe but, beyond that, it was for James to play football and do the things he loves —and to have a normal life and do the things that other kids do.

Enter Causey Labradors and Diabetes Alert Dogs. You met Becky in Magical Dogs where she explained, “A diabetes alert dog is specifically trained to alert the handler to glucose levels that are out of safe range….they do not replace medical testing or medical devices but they do offer a safety net and one more layer of protection to alert an individual or family that something may be going on.” 

Part of my mission with the Magical Dogs books is to not only share stories of amazing dogs who impact people and the lives (and world) around them, but to also donate a portion of the proceeds from books purchased directly from me to animals in need.  Therefore, in the winter of 2016, I had three book signings: one was at the Hunterdon County Library; another at Factory Fuel Co.; and the final one was at Main Street Manor Bed and Breakfast  At each of the signings, I donated a portion of the book sales to James and his family to help them pay for the cost of a diabetic alert dog. James, his mother, and his siblings were at several of those events.  Many who attended donated additional money to help James and his family reach their goal sooner. This photo (of James and I) was taken at the book signing at Factory Fuel Co. which is where I first met his mom, Shari. 

It was originally thought that James would be matched with a dog named Roman but, for several reasons, that wasn’t the right match but…drum roll please!…the right match has been found.

Meet Trixie, James’ diabetes alert dog! With Trixie, James and his family now have that extra layer of protection.  With Trixie, Shari no longer has to repeatedly wake James up throughout the night to check his levels.  And now James can do things he loves to do — with his best friend, Trixie, at his side!

I would like to wish James, Trixie, and their family many years of happiness, good health, and magical moments together.

And I would like to thank the Magical Dogs family once again for supporting my writing and my books because, in doing so, we truly can  make magic happen! 


Saving Grace

Despite repeated postings and reminders everywhere, dogs (and other animals) are still being left out in the cold. Those of us who love animals can’t wrap our head around the fact that animals are being left out to suffer the brutal cold, harsh winds, and plummeting temperatures.  But they are.

Recently, I heard about a precious little dog who was found on New Year’s Eve freezing and literally starving to death.  The ANNA Shelter in Erie, Pennsylvania sprung into action.  They reported that while she was alert and responsive, she was obviously emaciated and had severe frostbite on her muzzle, ears and pads of her feet.  The on-call veterinarian was able to give the poor little girl life saving medical care she desperately needed.  She was placed on IV fluids and medication to prepare her system for food.

On January 2nd, ANNA shelter updated as follows: Grace (new name/new life) made it through the night with the heart of a lion! Constant fluids and an incubated kennel kept her body temperature up and the medications have begun to work. Her muzzle and ears are still sore but not as irritated as they were. We’re not quite at the 24 hour mark but Dr. Franklin is confident this girl will pull through! Officer Duckett is working on this case and we promise to keep you posted as it develops and will update her condition often.

The next day they posted that Grace had taken a turn for the worse.  Her organs began to reject the small does of food and water she had been tolerating and her frail system began to shut down.  She was rushed in for emergency critical care.  The lead veterinarian reported later that she was resting comfortably but that based on her overall condition and the frostbite, she would not be available for adoption until sometime in March.  Everyone was asked to keep prayers and healing vibes coming for Sweet Grace.

Gratefully, Grace is surrounded by loving, caring, wonderful human beings now but keep in mind that Grace was not a stray.  She had an “owner” (although I use that term VERY lightly).  The Animal Control officer is following up and promises there will be justice for Grace.

My friends, we need to stay vigilant.  When you are driving or walking around, be mindful and aware. If you see an animal outside, go back a short time later and check to see if the animal is still outside. If they are, make a call. The animals are counting on us  – you and me – to keep them safe…to keep them warm.  If you see something, say or do something.

To continue following Grace’s journey or to learn more about The ANNA Shelter: https://www.facebook.com/theannashelter/

Blessed To Be a Blessing

I just returned from doing an interview for my next book, On The Road With Magical Dogs. Every interview, every story, is emotional and inspirational and uplifting and exhausting. This one was no exception.  It was filled with tissues and tears and laughter and hugs.

On the drive home, I thought about the time I just spent with this amazing woman whose life, filled with unexpected twists and turns, led her to starting a dog rescue. I am blessed to be sharing her story and the story of so many others who, time-after-time, are a Blessing to another living soul.

On the drive home, I also thought about all the puzzle pieces which need to come together to allow just one furry soul to be saved: from transport and rescue to foster and adoption. And the other puzzle pieces: donations of time, energy and money – and those who raise awareness by buying and wearing a T-shirt (or writing a book).  We all come together to do our little piece. We are all pieces of the bigger puzzle. We are all Blessed To Be a Blessing.

I thought about the story I read yesterday about Bella by Great Dawg Rescue, a rescue whose story appeared in Magical Dogs. It is a beautiful, magical story of Being a Blessing in the life of a dog. How different Bella’s day and life would have been had GDR not stepped in at that exact moment.

Perhaps, in this time in history (and this is not a political post) that is the greater lesson. To remember we are all a piece of the bigger puzzle. To remember that if we all do our little piece….if we all pushed our own needs and agendas aside for a moment….if we all took the time to find out what we can do in this exact moment to be a blessing to another soul – a friend, family member, dog, cat or total stranger – perhaps we can begin to rewrite our individual and collective story, a story we could call: Blessed to be a Blessing.

Enjoy this day ~ Capture the Magic.


A Big Birthday and Valentine’s Day Announcement in Honor of Brooke

On February 13, 2002, the day before Valentine’s day, an angel – a fluffy little Valentine – was born.  She came into the world in Seattle, Washington.  She weighed only 6 ounces and had a few health issues in her early days here on earth. The woman we wanted to adopt her from wasn’t sure she wanted to give her up. Gratefully, we were able to convince her otherwise.

We named her Brooke. At 47, she was my first dog.  Ever.  I had no idea how she would change me, and my life, forever.  Likewise, having never been through it before, I had no idea how much her passing would change me – and my life – forever.

For those who have read Magical Dogs, you know that Brooke was, in large part, the reason why I sat down to begin writing that book.  The other dogs who came along once I began writing were the reason I kept writing.

Magical Dogs was released last year on February 13th in honor and celebration of Brooke. On my first book tour, dogs began coming into my path who tugged at my heart. Dogs with stories needing to be told.  But I wasn’t ready. And in the past year, more dogs have crossed my path and the thought of writing another book kept rummaging around in my mind.

It seems appropriate in celebration of what would have been Brooke’s 15th birthday and Valentine’s Day that I announce I am beginning my next Magical Dogs book: On the Road With Magical Dogs.  I’m excited and nervous and all the feelings you go through at the beginning of a project that means so much on so many levels. It means so much because these books aren’t about me  – they are about the incredible, loving, magical dogs who are here for a purpose and deserve to have their story told. I am always humbled and honored that they choose me to be the one to tell their story – and, as always –  I ask for your prayers and good wishes, as I begin this journey.

To my angel, Brooke, I pray you had the happiest of birthdays. Until we meet again…


Thank YOU for a Magical 2016

As we prepare to usher in a new year, I think back to this time last year.  We were putting the finishing touches on Magical Dogs and getting ready to send it off to the printer. Knowing I would soon introduce the world to these wonderful, amazing and loving dogs, I was excited and nervous and prayed you would love them as much as I did.

And you did. 

You welcomed the dogs into your homes and hearts. Many of you sent me notes, emails and pictures telling me just how much the dogs and their stories impacted you. The dogs even received 5-star reviews on Amazon (The dogs love getting positive reviews!).

The reason I say “the dogs” rather than “the book” is because I believe in my heart-of-hearts this is 100% about the dogs.  It was the dogs who decided it was time for their stories to be told and for this book to be written.  How they found me, as many of you know, was magical.  Why they chose me will forever remain a mystery but it is an honor I have never taken lightly.

Before I ever wrote one word, I knew that getting their stories out into the world was only part of the journey.  The other part was to pay it forward and help animals in need so I made the conscious decision to donate one-half of our net proceeds from every book (purchased directly from me or our website) to animal rescues and organizations

And we did. 

In 2016, the Magical Dogs family donated to over 30 different animal rescues around the country. That was possible because YOU supported the dogs, their book and our mission. YOU came to book signings and events.  YOU ordered the book from our website. It was because of YOU that we were given the opportunity to pay it forward and truly make it a Magical 2016 for so many animals in need.

2017 is an unwritten chapter for each of us.  365 blank slates on which we will we continue to write the story of our lives. May the stories we write be filled with wonder, peace and magical moments.  May we choose moments filled with compassion, understanding and love for every member of humanity ~ be they two- or four-legged ~ for our choices and those moments will make up our year…and our life.

Wishing you a magical 2017 ~ with love and gratitude from the Magical Dogs family.

How Dogs – and Humans – Change Me

rescue animalIt’s been a busy few months for the Magical Dogs team travelling around meeting dogs and local animal rescues. I’ve heard stories of dogs abandoned and abused and met dogs who, in a rational world, shouldn’t be here. But they are.

Despite where they came from or what they’ve been through, they are ready, willing and able to move on…to let go…and to make the rest of their life the best of their life.  I am constantly astounded by the amount of compassion and forgiveness these dogs have in their heart.

And, in witnessing it, I am changed. And hopeful.

Every day, I witness people who take dogs into their homes and hearts to foster or adopt. Many have physical, emotional and mental injuries or illnesses that need attention and time.  Many don’t know what it is to be loved or to get regular meals.  Despite all the other responsibilities they have in their life,  I am constantly astounded by the compassion and love humans have in their heart to change a dog’s world and reality.

And, in witnessing it, I am changed. And hopeful.

Despite all that is going on in our world right now, the connection between humans and dogs is a beautiful, simple example of how our world could be.  By focusing and holding onto that same compassion, love and forgiveness I witness every day between humans and their dogs, we truly can change our world.

I am hopeful.