A Big Birthday and Valentine’s Day Announcement in Honor of Brooke

On February 13, 2002, the day before Valentine’s day, an angel – a fluffy little Valentine – was born.  She came into the world in Seattle, Washington.  She weighed only 6 ounces and had a few health issues in her early days here on earth. The woman we wanted to adopt her from wasn’t sure she wanted to give her up. Gratefully, we were able to convince her otherwise.

We named her Brooke. At 47, she was my first dog.  Ever.  I had no idea how she would change me, and my life, forever.  Likewise, having never been through it before, I had no idea how much her passing would change me – and my life – forever.

For those who have read Magical Dogs, you know that Brooke was, in large part, the reason why I sat down to begin writing that book.  The other dogs who came along once I began writing were the reason I kept writing.

Magical Dogs was released last year on February 13th in honor and celebration of Brooke. On my first book tour, dogs began coming into my path who tugged at my heart. Dogs with stories needing to be told.  But I wasn’t ready. And in the past year, more dogs have crossed my path and the thought of writing another book kept rummaging around in my mind.

It seems appropriate in celebration of what would have been Brooke’s 15th birthday and Valentine’s Day that I announce I am beginning my next Magical Dogs book: On the Road With Magical Dogs.  I’m excited and nervous and all the feelings you go through at the beginning of a project that means so much on so many levels. It means so much because these books aren’t about me  – they are about the incredible, loving, magical dogs who are here for a purpose and deserve to have their story told. I am always humbled and honored that they choose me to be the one to tell their story – and, as always –  I ask for your prayers and good wishes, as I begin this journey.

To my angel, Brooke, I pray you had the happiest of birthdays. Until we meet again…


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