Magical Moments In Time


Dad with bookIt was a beautiful, sunny morning.  Ava was snoozing by the front door when suddenly she hopped up and began barking.  Walking over to the door, I saw an 18-wheeler coming up the street.

Interesting, I thought…and odd. 18-wheelers don’t typically come up our street. And then it stopped. In front of my house.

The driver hopped out of the cab and walked to my front door.  I assumed he was lost and needed directions.  He wasn’t lost.  He was delivering Magical Dog and, like a kid on Christmas morning,  I cracked open the box, grabbed the top copy and Ava and I walked down the street to my father’s house.

For six months, my father had grown increasingly impatient, telling me repeatedly, “Just stop writing and publish it already.”

I tried to explain that it wasn’t done. I tried explaining the writing and editing (and re-editing) process to him.  I told him there was still a book cover to be designed and a company who needed to do the interior layout before it went to the printer.  But my father just wanted me to finish the darn book!  He wanted it done…he wanted to see it…and hold it.

And now, as I handed him the book, he smiled and said, “Oh, you got it?”

“Yep!”, I said, “finally”.  We both smiled.

The next morning the phone rang.  I picked it up and my father said, “Pat, I just wanted to tell you I started reading your book.  It’s good.  It’s really, really good.”

And I cried.

My father has long been my hero.  He is a man of few words but deep emotions.  He is one of the most loving, caring and honest beings on this earth ~ and what he thinks about things has always been important to me. And here he was telling me my book was really good.

Today was my official book launch at our local County library.  Looking out into the audience as I read from the book, I saw my father’s face. Tomorrow is his 93rd birthday.We had cake and celebrated – the book and my dad.

I am incredibly, amazingly, overwhelmingly blessed and grateful for these precious, magical moments thanks to a group of some very Magical Dogs.


2 thoughts on “Magical Moments In Time

  1. I wish I could express in words what I am feeling but for one of the few times in life words escape me. I am so happy for you, happy for your father and happy for the love you share. I’ll let my smile and my watery eyes tell the both of you how overjoyed I am that Magical Moments is now being shared with the rest of us. God bless the both of you.

    • And God bless YOU, Ginny. You have been a blessing to my father for several years so you’re part of our “Magical” world.

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