Magical Dogs Paying it Forward

When I set out to publish Magical Dogs, I made the conscious and deliberate decision to donate a portion of every book purchased directly from me (in person or from the Magical Dogs website) to animals in need. It was a paw it forwardway for Brooke, Ava and I to pay forward your support of us and the book.

I’m beyond thrilled to tell you, the Magical Dogs community, that thanks to your generosity and support of the book in the six weeks since it was released, we have definitely paid it forward,

During my tour in Florida, I was able to make donations to Great Dawg Rescue, Animal Welfare League of Charlotte CountyMarrvelous Pet Rescues and Pet Rescue by Judy.

And….drum roll, please… from the three local events here in my hometown, I was able to donate enough to a local family so that IMG_20160327_0825191Roman, their diabetes alert dog, will be joining them at the end of June. This dog will change the life of their son with type 1 diabetes. This dog will change the life of his parents who now live in constant fear and concern. How awesome is that?!?! We are changing lives – lives of humans and, especially, lives of dogs everywhere.

Great job, Magical Dogs community! Together we are evidence that *Magic* still exists.  Together we are living proof that the *Magic*  of love, hope and especially the magic that dogs bring into our lives and the world – is alive, well and very real.

With Sincere and Heartfelt Gratitude ~ Patti, Ava (& Brooke)



4 thoughts on “Magical Dogs Paying it Forward

  1. Great idea! I just ordered your book from your website and love it will help dogs and their people in need.

    • Sheryl ~ Thank you! Your book will ship out tomorrow. Enjoy and, on behalf of dogs everywhere, thank you for your support. Warm hugs ~ Patti, Ava (& Brooke)

  2. Patti,
    How do I order your book???? I had no idea you wrote books on dogs. I too am such an animal lover would love to get your book.

    • So sorry for the delay. You can order the book directly on this website: You’ll get free shipping and you can also have it signed (make sure you let me know if you want it signed and, if it’s to someone specifically or for a special occasion, fill that in on the ordering page). Thank you, Kathy and again, sincere apologies for the delay.

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