No Place Like Home

Welcome to Florida USA

Welcome to Florida USA

I left New Jersey on March 6th with a trunk full of books and a heart full of hope and excitement.  I was heading to Florida on my first-ever book and speaking tour. I was going to visit family and friends, meet some new friends and sell a ton of books so I could pay off some outstanding debt.

I arrived home yesterday with a heart full of mixed emotions. I was blessed to spend precious time with family and friends. And I got to meet some incredible people doing incredible things for dogs at incredible rescue organizations:  Great Dawg RescuePet Rescue by Judy,  Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County and Marrvelous Pet Rescues.

But there’s a piece of me that is so sad. So very, very, very sad.  It had nothing to do with the fact that almost all of the books I brought down with me were still in my trunk or the outstanding debt which is still outstanding.

It was the eyes. I can still see the eyes of every dog in Florida waiting to be adopted.  All those dogs – all those eyes – looking up at me from their kennel.  Big, beautiful eyes so filled with hope that maybe, just maybe, I was their ticket out of there and into a fur-ever home.  Dog at Home

I got to witness a few dogs find a new home and family. And several more had applications submitted. But there were so many still waiting. And for that I am sad. I am so very, very, very sad.

If I had the money and the space…but I don’t.  So I want to thank everyone who volunteers at a rescue. And I want to thank everyone who fosters – or has adopted or rescued – a dog so they can spend tonight in a home with a full belly knowing what it is to be cared for and loved.  You are all truly angels on earth.

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