A True, Magical Story

THIS, my friends, is a true story about the magic of a dog AND the magic we create together.

In the first Magical Dogs book, I told the story of this young man, James, and his family. James is a Type 1 Diabetic and his mother’s dream was to one day get him a diabetes alert dog. A diabetes alert dog would mean not having to test him all day and night.  A diabetes alert dog could literally save his life. I also shared in the book how diabetes alert dogs are trained, and exactly what they do for their humans.

At the book launch (and several book events after the launch), I decided to donate a portion of all books sales to James and his family to help them get a diabetes alert dog. People came out to support the book and this family.  It was magical and I felt so blessed but that feeling just went up to a whole new level because I just got this message from Shari, James’ mom:

“Trix just saved my boy. I was sleeping and she kept whining. I thought she had to go out so I told her to go to bed but she kept at it. I got up because she wouldn’t stop and she ran upstairs to James and kept whining. I took his pump…it was off….took his blood sugar and it was over 600 and not reading. Seriously this dog just saved him!!!

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