Blessed To Be a Blessing

I just returned from doing an interview for my next book, On The Road With Magical Dogs. Every interview, every story, is emotional and inspirational and uplifting and exhausting. This one was no exception.  It was filled with tissues and tears and laughter and hugs.

On the drive home, I thought about the time I just spent with this amazing woman whose life, filled with unexpected twists and turns, led her to starting a dog rescue. I am blessed to be sharing her story and the story of so many others who, time-after-time, are a Blessing to another living soul.

On the drive home, I also thought about all the puzzle pieces which need to come together to allow just one furry soul to be saved: from transport and rescue to foster and adoption. And the other puzzle pieces: donations of time, energy and money – and those who raise awareness by buying and wearing a T-shirt (or writing a book).  We all come together to do our little piece. We are all pieces of the bigger puzzle. We are all Blessed To Be a Blessing.

I thought about the story I read yesterday about Bella by Great Dawg Rescue, a rescue whose story appeared in Magical Dogs. It is a beautiful, magical story of Being a Blessing in the life of a dog. How different Bella’s day and life would have been had GDR not stepped in at that exact moment.

Perhaps, in this time in history (and this is not a political post) that is the greater lesson. To remember we are all a piece of the bigger puzzle. To remember that if we all do our little piece….if we all pushed our own needs and agendas aside for a moment….if we all took the time to find out what we can do in this exact moment to be a blessing to another soul – a friend, family member, dog, cat or total stranger – perhaps we can begin to rewrite our individual and collective story, a story we could call: Blessed to be a Blessing.

Enjoy this day ~ Capture the Magic.


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