Meet the Magical Dogs

Meet some of the magical dogs who have appeared in the pages of Magical Dogs:


Brooke, a PoliMother's Day Bench Kissessh Lowland Sheepdog, came into my life in 2001. She was my first dog and my first experience of a dog’s unconditional love.  Born the day before Valentine’s Day, our fluffy valentine was a beacon of love and light in this world.  She loved her family, the snow and to travel. Brooke changed me in ways I only began to understand after she passed unexpectedly in March 2014.

Hike October 2015Ava

Born just ten days before Brooke passed over the Rainbow Bridge, I believe Brooke sent Ava to us. She is a Polish Lowland Sheepdog and, like her sister before her, a beacon of love, fluff and fun. Ava has a very different personality than Brooke and is already teaching us new and beautiful lessons about love and life.

Meg and AustinAustin

Austin’s story is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.  Severely abused by his original owner, Austin was ultimately adopted by Meg, a singer-songwriter.  Together they are helping to change people’s preconceived ideas and stereotypes about pit bulls and mental health.

MattieMeet Mattie

Meet Mattie, the bilingual Labradoodle, who lives in both Paris and upstate New York, provides emotional support to his humans, and understands commands in both English and French!


Sadie & Fache puppy photo

Fache and Sadie

After travelling down (and surviving) a mudslide in New Mexico, this brother and sister team ultimately landed in a barn where they were rescued by their earth mama, Becky. Their loving journey together is both touching and inspirational.

Rudy & Corinne


Rudy had been adopted and returned to the shelter multiple times before ultimately entering the home and heart of Corinne.  Together their journey of discovery brought them to a whole new chapter in both of their lives and resulted in the publication of an ongoing series of award-winning children’s books.


frankie legacy studios shot from behind




The story of Frankie, the Walk ‘N Roll dachshund, will entertain, inspire and educate you about dogs impacted by Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD).  Frankie, and her story, has helped change the lives of disabled dogs and their humans.

These are only a few of the magical dogs and stories that appeared in the original Magical Dogs: Love and Lessons from our Canine Companions.  There are so many more dogs and stories that will appear in the upcoming Magical Dogs books due out in 2018 as well as on the Magical Dogs blog.