Pre-Sales…and Why You Won’t Find my Book on Amazon

To those asking if they can pre-order Magical Dogs 2: Connecting the Dots, Connecting the Dogs on Amazon, my answer is:  You can absolutely pre-order a copy – but not on Amazon.  At least not for a while.

As a writer and author, I made several conscious and deliberate decisions.  The first was to devote my time/energy/finances to writing and sharing the stories of these magical dogs.  The other was to use my books to raise funds for animal rescues and organizations.   The only way I can do that is to sell the books directly Get in(either online or at an in-person event).  

Magical Dogs 2: Connecting the Dots, Connecting the Dogs will ship from my printer in the next few weeks.  I will officially launch the book on July 24 at my local library with a  Book Launch Party. I will also begin shipping copies on or around then to those who have pre-ordered.

You can still get in on the fun and excitement by pre-ordering a signed copy of Magical Dogs 2: Connecting the Dots, Connecting the Dogs, on my website:  Magical Dogs

To everyone who has pre-ordered a copy or scheduled an event, thank you!  I’m excited about this book…really, really, REALLY excited.  I think the dogs really went above and beyond in gathering the dogs, people, rescues, topics and stories for me to write about this time. I hope, pray, and think you’ll agree.

I will be hitting the road after the book launch to do signings and events.  Stay tuned for events in your area by checking my Facebook page: Magical Dogs on Facebook.

As always, the dogs and I thank you for your continued support.

Wishing you and yours a magical day!

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    • Sylvia ~

      I’m sorry you are having difficulty. It seems people who try ordering from a phone rather than a computer have problems. If you continue to have problems please send me an email:

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