Saving Grace

Despite repeated postings and reminders everywhere, dogs (and other animals) are still being left out in the cold. Those of us who love animals can’t wrap our head around the fact that animals are being left out to suffer the brutal cold, harsh winds, and plummeting temperatures.  But they are.

Recently, I heard about a precious little dog who was found on New Year’s Eve freezing and literally starving to death.  The ANNA Shelter in Erie, Pennsylvania sprung into action.  They reported that while she was alert and responsive, she was obviously emaciated and had severe frostbite on her muzzle, ears and pads of her feet.  The on-call veterinarian was able to give the poor little girl life saving medical care she desperately needed.  She was placed on IV fluids and medication to prepare her system for food.

On January 2nd, ANNA shelter updated as follows: Grace (new name/new life) made it through the night with the heart of a lion! Constant fluids and an incubated kennel kept her body temperature up and the medications have begun to work. Her muzzle and ears are still sore but not as irritated as they were. We’re not quite at the 24 hour mark but Dr. Franklin is confident this girl will pull through! Officer Duckett is working on this case and we promise to keep you posted as it develops and will update her condition often.

The next day they posted that Grace had taken a turn for the worse.  Her organs began to reject the small does of food and water she had been tolerating and her frail system began to shut down.  She was rushed in for emergency critical care.  The lead veterinarian reported later that she was resting comfortably but that based on her overall condition and the frostbite, she would not be available for adoption until sometime in March.  Everyone was asked to keep prayers and healing vibes coming for Sweet Grace.

Gratefully, Grace is surrounded by loving, caring, wonderful human beings now but keep in mind that Grace was not a stray.  She had an “owner” (although I use that term VERY lightly).  The Animal Control officer is following up and promises there will be justice for Grace.

My friends, we need to stay vigilant.  When you are driving or walking around, be mindful and aware. If you see an animal outside, go back a short time later and check to see if the animal is still outside. If they are, make a call. The animals are counting on us  – you and me – to keep them safe…to keep them warm.  If you see something, say or do something.

To continue following Grace’s journey or to learn more about The ANNA Shelter:

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