Read Me A Story

In the first Magical Dogs book, there was a story about a program where children read to registered therapy dogs. Since dogs are non-judgmental and fully present they allow the children to feel safe.  The result, many times, is a child who learns to love reading.

At a recent book signing, a woman told me a different kind of story about dogs, a human, and reading.

She handed me her copy of Magical Dogs 2 to sign and said she didn’t have a dog. She went on to explain that after reading my first Magical Dogs book, she began volunteering at a local animal shelter.

“The shelter had recently rescued a large number of dogs,” she explained.  “The dogs were frightened and not used to human interaction.  The shelter staff asked me to sit with the dogs, one-on-one, and quietly talk or read to them.  I had just bought your book so I began to read it to them.”

“Several times I cried as  I read to them.  I apologized to the staff because I was afraid I would upset the dogs.  They assured me it was fine and that it was important for the dogs to be exposed to a range of human emotions while in a safe, supportive, and loving environment. So I kept reading it to them.”

“It was because of your book that I started volunteering at the shelter.  Thank you for that. I don’t have a dog of my own but now I have all the dogs at the shelter.” She paused and looked me squarely in the eyes. “Thank you for writing this book. I’m excited to have a new book to read to the dogs.”  With that, she smiled, turned, and walked away, my new book tucked under her arm.

I smiled, grateful (once again) that the dogs chose me to tell their stories.  Grateful that those stories and words had impacted other lives.

You and I have no idea where our words might land or how they might impact another being’s life.  Choose your words wisely and send them off into the world in the hope that they might help, heal, and uplift another being.

Enjoy this day.  Make it Magical.