Thank YOU for a Magical 2016

As we prepare to usher in a new year, I think back to this time last year.  We were putting the finishing touches on Magical Dogs and getting ready to send it off to the printer. Knowing I would soon introduce the world to these wonderful, amazing and loving dogs, I was excited and nervous and prayed you would love them as much as I did.

And you did. 

You welcomed the dogs into your homes and hearts. Many of you sent me notes, emails and pictures telling me just how much the dogs and their stories impacted you. The dogs even received 5-star reviews on Amazon (The dogs love getting positive reviews!).

The reason I say “the dogs” rather than “the book” is because I believe in my heart-of-hearts this is 100% about the dogs.  It was the dogs who decided it was time for their stories to be told and for this book to be written.  How they found me, as many of you know, was magical.  Why they chose me will forever remain a mystery but it is an honor I have never taken lightly.

Before I ever wrote one word, I knew that getting their stories out into the world was only part of the journey.  The other part was to pay it forward and help animals in need so I made the conscious decision to donate one-half of our net proceeds from every book (purchased directly from me or our website) to animal rescues and organizations

And we did. 

In 2016, the Magical Dogs family donated to over 30 different animal rescues around the country. That was possible because YOU supported the dogs, their book and our mission. YOU came to book signings and events.  YOU ordered the book from our website. It was because of YOU that we were given the opportunity to pay it forward and truly make it a Magical 2016 for so many animals in need.

2017 is an unwritten chapter for each of us.  365 blank slates on which we will we continue to write the story of our lives. May the stories we write be filled with wonder, peace and magical moments.  May we choose moments filled with compassion, understanding and love for every member of humanity ~ be they two- or four-legged ~ for our choices and those moments will make up our year…and our life.

Wishing you a magical 2017 ~ with love and gratitude from the Magical Dogs family.

2 thoughts on “Thank YOU for a Magical 2016

  1. That is terrific that you paid it forward and were able to help so many Animal Rescue groups. You truly have a huge heart❤️

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